Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Mein neuer LinkedIn-Freund Ahmed Mensah

Mein neuer LinkedIn Kontakt Ahmed der Ghana-Connection hat mir sofort nach Kontaktbestätigung per Mail geschrieben:


I write to request your co-operation in my desire to find a foreign partner who will assist me in the relocation and Transfer of some amount of money which i have made available for investment purpose abroad in other to secure the future of my children after retirement.

I will like you to assist in the following:

(1) Assist me in the receiving of this sum in your Country.
(2) Advise on areas for potential future investment in your country.
(3) Assist me in carrying a feasibility study before actual investment.

Please state terms and conditions for me and also laws biding for a foreigner to invest in your country,The entire plan of investment will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive your positive response

Kind Regards,
Ahmed Mensah

Ich hab ihm selbstverständlich sofort zurück geschrieben, erst auf Deutsch, aber dann fiel mir ein, dass sein Deutsch eventuell eingerostet ist, also habe ich Google Translate bemüht:

Ahmed ,
I was very pleased about your message because I rarely get so love mail. I get a whole little post . I 'm pretty much alone to be honest . This often makes me sad . All the better I think it is that you Ahmed write to me , even though we barely know each other. I would be glad if you write to me weiterhn , even if I do not understand you . I just like it , if I even get mail. This is also the reason why I have subscribed to so many newsletters . Otherwise scheibt me yes no .
Maybe you can help me to get to know a nice girl , too ? It must not be pretty , it 's enough if she has breasts and not dirty.
love Greetings

Er hat mir dann zurück gechrieben, ging aber ganz und gar nicht auf meine Probleme und Bedürfnisse ein. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass er gar nicht an einem ernsthaften Austausch interessiert ist:

Dear Mr. _____

Thank you for your email which I have read several times, I am quit convinced that your interest to work with me is not in doubt. This is a sign and guide for me that we will make good friendship while working together in partnership for this common goal-because your immeasurable experience in financial management will be required in reinvesting this fund for a proper utilization pending time for disbursement hence the need for your assistance.

 The legality of this transaction can never be overemphasized as this fund ($14,000,000.00) is an excess Return on investment/Capital Funds deposited which I want this fund to be Invested into a Real Estate Business or any other business you will suggest under your care as i have considered it a profitable venture I will be leaving everything regarding this project in your care as you will assure me of good ROI,it will be your duty to locate the best place in your country to kick start the project.

 So i will need your immeasurable assistance in the following:

 (1) Your assistance to represent me as the receiver of the fund in your account as this is only way this fund can be transfer out from here to your country on the condition that a certain percentage 30% will be given to you and you manage my own share under your supervision.

 (2) Once you are in custody of the fund and is confirmed in your account, then I am in support of any long term or short term investment program you will decide, investing  into a Real Estate Business  especially in your country is wonderful based on your expertise analysis, but it will be implemented only when the fund is securely transferred into your account.

 Please state terms and state of affairs for me and also laws biding for me to invest in your country because your country is one of the under invested area of our economy and with your expertise I know we will go far together. I will expect your timely response to this above opinions so that i will look into it for consideration as your expertise in this investment programs is highly needed.

 In anticipation of your favorable response, I thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

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